If All The World Spoke One Language...

If the world all spoke one language, the global economy might be several times greater.  Lack of available translators or mistranslations create business bottlenecks, errors, and missed deal opportunities.   Unmet translation demand exists in a number of sectors, including:


User Group / Industry

Business Errors & Bottlenecks

Business Travelers

Negotiations with Foreign Trade Partners


Hassles with Navigation, Restaurants, Hotels

Business Services Vendors

Communications with international Staff / Counsel


Misdiagnoses of Foreign-speaking Patients


Confusion between Foremen & Hispanic Workers


English-speaking Teachers & Nurses w/ Hispanic Kids

Shipping & Logistics

Language Barriers at Points of Transfer

Emergency Communications

911 or Weather Service comms to Spanish speakers

In many cases, existing free Machine Translation is too inaccurate, and Human Translation too slow and expensive, to meet these needs with existing translation-industry services.


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