June 1st, 2018Licensing Transclick's Multilingual Translation API
(for Best-of-Breed Machine Translation and Rapid Mobile Human post-editing)

The dictionary building interface of the Transclick API will access a peer-to-peer network of specialized multilingual dictionary tool builders globally at internet scale. This network,  combined with machine learning, with higher levels of accuracy for context sensitive terminology, idiomatic expressions, acronyms and slang, which can break the language barrier on digital platforms. 

Those platforms include global cross-language border e-commerce platforms, global social networking platforms and global messaging systems, and we are adding rapid human post-editing on a crowd-sourcing basis as part of our proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning and multilingual crowd-sourcing, best-of-breed language technology platform. Our powerful API allows any outside platform to integrate seamlessly and its patent protected and copyrighted source code.
Jul-10-2012 TransCLICK is a part of the AlwaysOn Mobile top 100

TransCLICK is proud to be one of this year's AlwaysOn Mobile 100 companies. OnMobile determined that TransCLICK was among the group of extrodinary companies that represent leadership in the global innovation community and also are developing solutions and technologies that are rapidly pushing outside the bounds of existing markets. Companies were selected based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

Apr-27-2012 Event Showcases the Best of 21st Century Innovation

About The Edison Awards
The Edison Awards represent the spirit of innovation personified by Thomas Edison, inspiring America's drive to remain in the forefront of creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. Sponsors of the 2012 Edison Awards include Nielsen, USA TODAY, Discovery Communications, SCIENCE, CSRware, applepeak and ViridiSTOR. For more information about the Edison Awards, visit

Apr-27-2012 Edison

2012 GOLD winner of Edison Award for Apps/Online Tools! - Transclick

Jun-16-2011 NJTC
Location Services Subcategory Winner - Transclick

Jun-09-2011 Nokia Ovi Blog
Success case about Transclick is published on Forum Nokia 

Apr-04-2010 Nokia Ovi Blog - Transclick ChatCat

Published on Ovi Daily App Blog  

Feb-10-2010 Transclick Instant Messenger in Airtel Application Store

Transclick is pleased to announce passage and installation of it's Translation Instant Messenger (TIM) app on India-based cellular carrier Airtel's Application Store On only its second day in the app store over 500 copies of the software were downloaded.

Oct-20-2009 Transclick Runner Up in Wall Street Journal Technology awards

Jul-30-2009 Transclick CEO Robert Levin with Paul Kegame, President of Rwanda


President Paul Kegame and Robert Levin, CEO of Transclick, meeting at the World Technology Network, on July 16, 2009 at Time Warner headquarters.

Jul-17-2009 Top 5 summer travel apps in BlackBerry App World .

Jul-17-2009 Partner Press BlackBerry

Transclick Announces Service Upgrade to Support Global Travelers

Jan-15-2008 Transclick selected by World Economic Forum as one of the Future Leaders of Tech

The World Economic Forum's 2008 picks for the hottest startups in health care, biotech, IT, Internet, and energy See the links to the Technology Pioneers 2008 below and click on the slide show to see Transclick!

Jun-13-2006 Transclick wins Skype Award

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