Transclick provides real-time translation capabilities for cellphones, messaging and collaboration systems. Our award winning product offers business-quality translation, on your desktop or mobile device.

Initially developed for the US Army, Transclick's patent-protected technology is now available to consumers, enterprises, government agencies and NGOs.

Our newest products, the Transclick Instant Messenger and Transclick Instant Messenger Mobile (TIMM) allow you to type in your own language and be read in the language of your communication partner.

We also offer the Transclick Pro Translator (Parrot) for Blackberry and J2ME smart phones.

Specific features of Blackberry Parrot include:

  • Support for 12 languages and translation over SMS and email or on-screen
  • Ability to cache the last 10 messages
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Parrot is the ideal tool to make foreign communication easier for any tourist or business traveler.


Latest News

TransCLICK is proud to be one of this year's AlwaysOn Mobile 100 companies. OnMobile determined that TransCLICK was among the group of extraordinary companies that represent leadership in the global innovation community and also are developing solutions and technologies that are rapidly pushing outside the bounds of existing markets.


Transclick 1.5 is an award-winning travel tool for language translation combined with mobile messaging.


"From a highly competitive field, we are extremely pleased to have a community that is using innovation and technology to dramatically affect the way society and business operate and doing so in a markedly collaborative manner. Peter Torreele, Managing Director, World Economic Forum


Perform real-time translation among many different languages and context-specific dictionaries.


A successful product (selected as a  Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum) and is used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe.